Axl/DC rules. Accept it.

Axl/DC rules. Accept it. 

Posted: 8:10 pm Thursday, September 15th, 2016

By Brando


Bon Scott died 3 years before I was born at the same age I am now, 33. And unfortunately I never got around to see Brian Johnson perform in person. Both being said, I love AC/DC. No matter what age you are, you grew up on their music. They are iconic. Whether it’s Bon or Brian, their music is a staple of rock radio, sporting events, bars…you name it. If you don’t love AC/DC, get out.

The same can be said for Guns N’ Roses. This summer saw the long awaited reunion between Axl Rose and Slash. Currently their US tour has grossed over $112 million dollars and counting.

Though, despite being a fan of both bands, I raised an eyebrow at the speculation that Axl would be filling in for an ill Brian Johnson. It just seemed…weird.

But then it was confirmed. Angus Young, Cliff Williams, and Axl spoke out…

While many fans still upset, the response to the “Axl / DC” shows have had very positive reviews. That said, I still wasn’t sold about going to see this new AC/DC. It seemed like a cool event, but I didn’t want my first AC/DC show to not truly be AC/DC. But then I saw GNR at Metlife Stadium in July.

Even with AC/DC, I had to see Axl again. He was that good with Guns. Also with Cliff Williams announcing his retirement after the tour and Angus Young uncertain about the future, now I needed to see this perhaps once-in-a-lifetime event at the “world’s most famous arena,” Madison Square Garden. And I tell you, I made the right decision…

Angus is 61, but played like he was 21…

Oh, did I mention I was blessed with AMAZING seats???



Rosie even made an appearance…


And Hells Bells!!

Axl Rose had a smile on his face the entire night…

Both the GNR reunion show and this AC/DC concert were equally phenomenal. If you were at both, I suspect you would agree without hesitation. However there was 1 difference to me. With Guns N’ Roses, Axl seemed to be on a mission to conquer. With AC/DC, Axl was having fun. After all, he’s playing with HIS idols…

And also look who came to see history in the making, Scott Ian and Charlie Benante from Anthrax, as well as Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead!!


Look, I wish Brian Johnson a speedy recovery. As does the band. But if “Axl/DC” does continue, you need to see it. It’s nothing less than a stellar rock show. It takes nothing away from Bon Scott or Brian. It’s seeing legends in our favorite music genre playing iconic music.


AC/DC…Axl/DC…Guns N’ DC…Angus Rose…whatever you want to call it, I salute you.


– Brando