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Axl/DC rules. Accept it.

  • 8:10 pm Thursday, September 15th, 2016 by Brando

Bon Scott died 3 years before I was born at the same age I am now, 33. And unfortunately I never got around to see Brian Johnson perform in person. Both being said, I love AC/DC. No matter what age you are, you grew up on their music. They are iconic. Whether it’s Bon or Brian, their music is a staple of rock radio, sporting events, bars…you name it. If you don’t love AC/DC, get out.

The same can be said for Guns N’ Roses. This summer saw the long awaited reunion between Axl Rose and Slash. Currently their US tour [More]

Building a Case for Axl/DC

  • 7:26 pm Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 by Brando

When it was rumored that Axl Rose would join AC/DC after Brian Johnson could no longer perform live, I laughed it off. At that time the Guns N’ Roses reunion tour was still something we weren’t sure would last. So how could an unpredictable Axl handle doing that AND taking over duties for another all-time great band? But then Angus Young came out during GNR’s performance at Coachella….

Not sure about you, but that was outstanding. Axl has covered AC/DC before in concert, so we knew he COULD do it, but SHOULD he? Angus, Cliff, and Axl cleared things up…

With “Axl/DC” officially [More]